My HOI Candle!


Hey Kittens!

As you know I am obsessed with the store House of Intuition here in LA. I love all their products, especially the altar candles. My girl crush Lea Michelle is also a big fan!


I’m honored to have been able to collaborate with them on a candle made especially for my Kittens! It’s called “The Light of Love” candle & has an affirmation on the front label to say to yourself everyday to remind you that you deserve the highest frequency of love.

The candles are great to put on your altar or bedside table. The candles are scented & dressed with crystals inside so once you burn down your candle all the way you have new rock babies waiting for you to keep!

If you purchase I’ll also be adding an extra crystal to your package as a bonus!

FC lableBC

The price of the candle is $24.95 tax,s&h included!

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